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Tent Main Body
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Pillar: Also known as the pillar, it stands vertically on the ground. There are straight ones or various types connected by two or three. Some of the bent portions of the tubular struts need to be connected by wires. The general material is FRP, which is generally 7 knots.

Border: Used in warhead tents or cabin tents, combined with short bars to form pillars or pillars.

Dong: The top part of the tent.

Roof: The part that forms the inclined surface of the tent.

Wall: The part of the wall on the side of the tent. Some tents are not at all.

Rain shelter: Open one part of the roof to the front and support it with other pillars.

Door: The entrance and exit of the tent. A window can be provided on the other side.

Ground mat: a mat placed on the ground in a tent. If it is heavy, you need to lay a layer of bamboo mat.

Flying mat: On the roof of the tent, another mat is laid to avoid strong sunlight. Second floor

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