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The camp area is too small
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Of course, it is less than the bottom area of the tent or the bottom of the rock is too much to clean. This situation is more complicated and should be used flexibly according to the geographical situation at the time.

a, if the bottom is not flat, there is no thick floor mat to easily break the bottom of the account, in general, you can find the dry grass or leaves to the bottom to fill.

b. If the camping area is too small to be cleaned up, there is no way. Only if the tent is opened and where to sleep, the key is that the bottom of the tent should not be suspended to avoid crushing the base fabric.

c, this situation is quite special, once camped on the top of the mountain, find a flat land when looking for it, there is a big stone protruding in the middle of the gas, with a knife to dig, rooting underneath, can't, but still have to sleep. Obviously, if the tent is pressed directly on the stone, the suspended cloth is easily torn. The method is to tighten the tent pole as much as possible when supporting the tent. You can even find a few stones to press the tent pole to make the amplitude bend more. The result is that the cloth of the bottom is not loosened and pressed on the stone below. The cloth will not collapse very tightly. When I was sleeping with my companion, the stone was in the middle and I was sleeping sideways, huh. Of course, if the curvature is too large to bend the tent pole, you can use the branches instead.