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Tent packaging problem
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Perhaps some people are small things about tent packaging, in fact it involves the interaction between equipment manufacturers and users.

If you often watch some outdoor activities, you should pay attention to their tents are in the backpack, not as we are outside the backpack, if you use foreign tents, you will find them and domestic The biggest difference of the tent is that the camping column and the tent cloth are separately packaged and folded, and the size of the tent is matched with the diameter of the inner circumference of the backpack, so that the tent cloth can be placed in the backpack, and the camping column is inserted on both sides of the backpack. This is a foreign designer, considering the user's concept. In the past, the outer frame type aluminum frame backpack had little problem in the camping package, but today's mainstream inner frame type straight backpack is difficult to bear the domestic design tent packaging method. It can't be changed. As long as you give up the frame that the original manufacturer designed to the consumer, you can naturally feel comfortable.

The average person's practice is to discard the original tent jacket and use the sleeping bag cover or the sleeping bag waterproof cover to install the inner and outer tents, so that the tent will not appear outside the backpack, so there is no such thing as long-distance walking or walking in the intermediate mountain. The length of the tent is far wide and the backpack is troubled. I think the bearer hangs the tent vertically on the backpack. The appearance is like a meat raft, placed horizontally on the backpack, and afraid of hitting the trunk or falling wood.