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Tent construction
- Dec 04, 2018 -


Here is the situation often encountered in the climbing route. Under normal circumstances, it is still possible to find a sloping flat on the slope (if you can't find the third and fourth references), the key is that the sleeping bag and the moisture barrier have less friction when sleeping at night, and people will slide down. When the slope is large, it is impossible to fall asleep.

Using method:

a. When setting up a tent for two people, there are two trees that are close to each other under the tent. If you don’t move two large stones underneath, put the backpack in the middle of the tree or stone, so that you can head up at night when you sleep. The foot on the bottom of the backpack to fall asleep, in fact, this way people are half-station and fall asleep, I camped on a hillside about 30 degrees, after 4 hours, the soles of the feet were very difficult, and the left and right feet alternately sleep for one night.

b. If it is a better solution for one person, choose the camping side when the tent is leaning against the tree or stone, and put the backpack in the middle of the tree or stone, so that the overall weight of the person is pressed on the side of the backpack, and the alternate side sleeping at night can guarantee Better sleep results.