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Stone crevices, caves, rocky hills
- Dec 04, 2018 -

This is extremely bad, which means that there is no place to camp. Then I want to ask, what is the tent used for? Well, the first is of course rainproof. If there is no rain, can we not camp, then there is a second one, there is a certain warmth effect, well, if you Sleeping bags can meet the temperature requirements. So why do we have to camp, just sleep, and of course there are sometimes worms, not very serious. If the weather conditions are extremely bad, oh, what kind of bad things will make you encounter, only use the last trick! First, the inner account will wrap the mat and sleeping bag, of course, the space inside will try to stay bigger, put clothes or some items. Place it on the top of the head so that the cloth on the head is supported, it is easy to breathe, and then the outer cover is placed on it. Well, a rainproof, warm, insect-proof nest is set up.

The above several situations are just a matter of throwing bricks. I believe that there are other ways. Of course, the most important thing is to make the plan as detailed as possible for each trip. The water source, the campsite, and the number of the team should be considered clearly. Think of difficulties and accidents before, and don't start to panic when the situation finally occurs. In the harsh environment of the wild, the camping situation is more complicated. It should be adapted to the local conditions according to the geographical environment and be used flexibly to ensure a higher quality sleep, so as to reserve good physical strength for the next day's mountaineering.