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Military tent
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Performance, structure

(1) Tent specifications: 4*3, 4.5*4.6, 6*4.6, 7.5*4.8, 10*4.8. The square tube bracket is painted at 25 and 30, the tube thickness is 1.2MM, and the square tube structure is relatively stable. (1.8 meters high, 3 meters high, can support the bunk)

(2) The tent structure is reasonable, safe and reliable, and can withstand 8 winds and 6 cm thick snow loads at the same time.

(3) The tent adopts steel frame structure, which has simple structure and convenient exhibition. It can be erected or retracted in about 25 minutes/4 people (the product comes with installation instructions, and it will be seen at a glance).

(4) Tents (4 or 5 pieces of cloth + steel frame), all parts and components are packed in the cloth bag, and the shape is regular, which is convenient for remote transportation or short-distance transportation.

(5) The tent is entirely made of military green canvas and oxford cloth (cool in winter and cool in summer). The felt is used in the middle, and the white cloth is lined. The work is based on military tents. The window is provided with gauze, which has the functions of anti-mosquito and ventilation. The windows are equipped with plexiglass panels, which are windproof in the summer and lightable in the winter.