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Inflatable tent advantage
- Dec 04, 2018 -

The erection of the inflatable tent is very convenient. Simply place the tent on the open space, connect the pedal pump or the electric pump, and set it up in a few minutes.

The same is true when dismantling, the number of metal brackets required for removal and packaging is relatively large, and it takes a long time. Inflatable tents only need to be naturally deflated when they are dismantled, or they can be pumped by an electric blower.

Therefore, compared with the ordinary metal bracket tent, the inflatable tent has its incomparable advantages, its light weight, small size, and the advantages that ordinary metal bracket tents do not have in transportation. And its erection and removal are very simple, no more manpower and time was wasted, especially suitable for rapid response in emergencies. Inflatable tents can also be airdropped when the environment is unsatisfactory.