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House account
- Dec 04, 2018 -

1. Account top: It is the slope of the part on the tent. Its main function is shade, wind and drainage.

2. Camp wall: the vertical part of the tent, so that the top of the tent does not fall to the ground and affect the space inside the account (but the spine, the pimp, the wing account, the exploration account, etc.), some tents The camp wall is very large, such as elevated umbrella accounts, beach accounts, villa accounts, etc.

3. Camp Gate: The camp gate is opened at the front and rear ends. The fold below four people has only the front end, while the rear end is closed to become the camp wall, and screens are provided on the wall for ventilation.

4. Ground cloth: It must be completely impervious to water (such as PE cloth) to prevent the rise of underground moisture and be stitched together with the camp wall (it is better to fold more than 10 cm above, and the waterproof effect is better).

The main part of the tent is its fabric, which belongs to the canopy canvas. China is a big country for tent production, mainly for export. Tents can be divided into: tourist tents, disaster relief tents, advertising tents, car tents, military tents, etc. Most of the tent fabrics are polyester taffeta, nylon rain cloth, PVC waterproof oxford cloth and film materials. Generally, polyester industrial yarn or polyester short fiber is used as raw material, and after weaving into a fabric, finishing according to different requirements. For PVC or polyurethane coating, silicone impregnation, awnings are required to be UV-resistant. Generally, it is a double-layer design, and the inner layer is coated with a coating material, and a PU strip is attached. Tents generally have good functions of stretching, rain and UV protection.

Sports mountaineering tents, outdoor leisure tents, and advertising creative tents add color to our lives and serve people's quality of life. In the future, tents will enter our daily lives with more functions and uses.

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