Our certificate:Fabric certificte, Production equipment:sewing machine 50pcs , punch press 4pcs, Cutter machine 3pcs, Computerized embroidery machine 1pc, matel cutter machine 1pc, contracted pipe machine 1pc.Production market:2017, exported North America :1 million USD, Australia: 1.1 million USD, EU : 0.9 million USD.Our service:please let us know your product design, you can find normal design in our product catalog, or show me your design, we will make the drawings for your confirming. If the design is ok, we will make a sample and send it to you .

About Us

Set up at 2014, produce hydroponic grow tent, grow bag, gazebo, last year out put: 300 million USD. workers : 98 .Located in ZJ, China, product export to EU , Canada, UAS, South America , Australia.Grow tent, grow bag , Gazebo with masquito Netting.

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